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What entities do my tax dollars fund?

How the city spends its portion of your property tax

*General Government includes: City Council, City Manager, City Secretary, City Attorney, Human Resources

*92% of Debt Service is voter approved debt. The debt rate does not decrease if the tax rate goes down.

*The I&S portion of the tax rate is .187642 or 25.85% of your total tax paid to the city and is used to pay debt. The M&O portion of the tax rate is .538206 or 74.15% of your total tax paid to the city and is used for the daily maintenance and operations of the city. Public Safety is 52% of the maintenance and operations taxes paid.

How would a change in the city's portion of the tax rate affect me?

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***The information calculated on this page is not official and is intended for use by you as a guide only. For your actual appraisal and property taxes due, please refer to your county tax office and appraisal district.***